About US


Hover Craft Moving is a community based company that offers residential and office moving services. The company has established good relationships with thousands of people who refer them to other clients and this kind of relationships that have helped us to grow to where we are.

Over the years, we have invested in modern trucks that enable us to continue meeting the increase demand for professional moving services. This has helped us to continue offering the services that most of the other companies are unable to offer.

The price is another major aspect that give us an added advantage since we do not only focus on making profits but also to help our clients move faster and at an affordable price. However, you should not get it twisted, we do offer quality moving services in spite of the fact that we do not charge high fees.

The packages that we offer are ideal for all levels of customers and this make us the only moving company that you can call and be sure that you will be responded to fast and get quality service. The customer care team that we have put together has also helped us to continue dominating the world of business. They offer undisputed support to new and existing customers.

That is just about it about our company. If you want to get more details about what we offer, you can connect with us through the various social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter.