Hover Craft Moving Pros is a family owner company that is focused on making a positive impact in the world by providing quality residential and moving services. We do this by making sure that each customer who walks into our premises or sends us an email gets served within the shortest time possible.

Check out these guys for more information about what we do and the reason why our company is so successful and prominent across all states.

Reputation Management

Reputation is one of the main factors that clients consider when looking for a local mover. We have worked to build and maintain a good reputation over the years by offering the best services to all our customers. Well, there has been incidents of bad publicity but we have always come out strong and resolved the issues in question amicably. This simple customer oriented resolution strategy has helped us to form good relationships and continue to be ranked among the most reliable and top rated richmondmoving.net – moves in San Rafael, San Pablo, Vallejo moving companies in the world today.


We Have Embraced Technological Advancements

The technology continues to improve our lives by ensuring that we get more tactics of solving the things that we used to do manually in a faster and automated way. The moving industry has not being left behind in this awesome revolution. We have embraced technological advancements and this makes us the top rated company in the sphere. Our modern trucks allow us to offer commercial moving services efficiently to all our customers. More importantly, we have modern communication systems and quality control panels that enable us to streamline all our operations.

Broad Range of Services

I don’t know about you but hiring more than one company to do a project that can be done by one is quite hectic and a waste of resources. Hover Craft Moving Pros has worked to come up with more than ten service packages. If you do not find a package that suits you well, we can give you a customized package that is well in line with your needs and preferences.

Professional Movers

The value and difference between a professional and an unprofessional mover is hinged on the manner in which they conduct their business. The professional is committed to providing a service whose quality resonate with the price and uphold the highest levels of diligence. We take pride in the fact that we are among the professional movers in the market. This is a clear proof of the reason why we have so many clients on our scope working with us to ensure that we offer the best service.

Finally, we have an able team of customer care personnel whom we work with to ensure that we always communicate with clients. For instance, if you are not around, this team will keep you posted on the progress of packing and moving all your items to the new premises. Call us today for more information about the services that we offer and the reason why you should not choose another local house or residential mover.