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Les, with his newly built Aluminum Sevtec in Northwestern Alaska.

This is the time of year to be filling the freezer.

Maybe this one made it there!

New venture in building the Sevtec design...

All year around fun produced by Robert Day in Prince George British Columbia Canada all aluminum! !!

Hovercraft Alaska® is a website mainly for all hovercraft enthusiasts in Alaska. We will keep you up-to-date on what is happening and do our best to help you with anything related to hovercraft.

In the Alaska pages, we have commonly used links for Alaska; Webcams, Marine ferry, Wild fires, Earthquake, Volcanoe, Iditorad, and many more links!

We are a part of a growing community of hovercraft owner and operators in the State of Alaska. We are using hovercraft for recreation, mining, hunting, fishing, and for touring in this great state.

The ACV or Air Cushion Vehicles are far more capable of transporting you to destinations in an environmentally and ecologically safe manner. Hovercraft, do not leave permanent scars on the land for future generations to notice. Hovercraft can be safe and fun to fly, either on an individual basis, a family recreational vehicle, or for rescue purposes. With new technology, comes quieter, more efficient Hovercraft for our future.

The knowledge we have gained from our years of experience is compiled on this website, so you have an easy reference for your hobby or business, or just satisfy your need to know! Education of hovercraft is our #1 goal.

This is not a club! It is a tool! Becoming a member will be your key to gaining information and sharing the needs and concerns of hovercraft in, and for Alaska. Currently, we do not have a specific membership area. The attention that is given to this site will determine if we need to move some of it into a secure area. For the time being you have access to all sections and information.

Hover around a bit, we hope you enjoy your visit!

HOVERCRAFT ALASKA staff is proud to be a Hoverclub of America Member # 3008

June 10-07, Hovercraft Alaska on Summit Lake at 11pm! Click here for more pictures.

"The Boss", Enjoying our adventure on Summit Lake.

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On September 18-19, 2006, Hovercraft Alaska met with Discovery Channels own Jeff Corwin for a 2 day shoot in the Copper River basin. Look for us in the spring of 2007 in the 8 part series “Into Alaska with Jeff Corwin” produced by Pioneer Productions of England.

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On October 17th, 2006, Brett Shepard, KTVA, CBS 11 News Reporter went to the Knik River to try his hands at hovercrafting.

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Read more about it at ‘Get Out’ on KTVA’s website. Click here.

We all lost a close and dear friend of the hovercraft arena recently. Dee Anders - The Mother of Hover - passed away on Sunday, March 25 at her home in Tampa Florida.

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Please read about this most wonderful woman at our homebase Hovercraft Club Of America . . .

All material on this site is posted with the assurance that all members and users use the information for their personal use. We try to post factual material, but we cannot guarantee the content. We will not be held responsible for misuse or the outcome of anything related to this site.